Professional-Looking Floors Made Easy with QuickSand® Sheets and Discs

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Sanding Floors Made Easy with QuickSand® Sheets and Discs
Floor Sanding Machine

QuickSand® Sheets and Discs are easy to use and don’t gum up like PSA

Quicksand® sheets and discs have a big benefit over Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) abrasives. PSA-backed abrasives are designed for easy changes on a buffing machine, but have an inherent problem. Because the PSA is a glue, it collects dust, eventually deteriorating the grip the product has to the machine. Virginia Abrasives’ exclusive QuickSand® sheets and discs solve that problem. Plus, you won’t have to worry about chatter or accidental divots. These high-performing abrasives give you even cuts, every time, regardless if you’re operating a low-speed buffer or rectangular orbital machine.

  • The abrasive side is thickly coated with Aluminum Oxide abrasives for an aggressive sand
  • The back side has sharp particles of Garnet abrasives that quickly cling to non-woven pads
  • QuickSand® sheets and discs don’t need a hard plate sandpaper driver, so they are perfect for low-speed buffers

Don’t waste time fussin’

QuickSand® sheets and discs save you time and money. Not only are the grit changes fast, but dust doesn’t cling to the back because there is no glue, only abrasive grit that clings to a non-woven pad. As a result, you can use QuickSand® over and over again. You’ll also have less clean up, because QuickSand® is designed to be used on machines with dust collection systems

  • QuickSand® sandpaper changes are quick and they do not require tools, so you can optimize the running time of your machines and crews
  • Discs/sheets can be removed and reapplied, saving you time and reducing costs
  • The working side resists loading

How do QuickSand® abrasives work?

QuickSand® sheets and discs have abrasive coatings on each side. The sanding side of the disc or sheet is ready to aggressively work the floor. The back side is lightly coated with sharp abrasive particles that grab the non-woven pad. This secures the sandpaper to the drive and allows for quick changes, while reducing dust collection common with PSA-backed abrasives. Due to the unique adhesion process, QuickSand® eliminates the mess. You won’t have to pause work to clean the disc because contaminants have nothing to cling to.

Quicksand SheetsQuicksand Discs

Virginia Abrasives’ QuickSand® sheets and discs come in a variety of sizes. Ask for QuickSand® at your local rental store.