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Virginia Abrasives Trapezoids are compatible with: VIRGINIA ABRASIVES® FG10 10" grinder with Magnetic Plate, VIRGINIA ABRASIVES® FG11 11" grinder, Lavina® by Superabrasive, EDCO® MAGNA-TRAP®

Magnetic Carbide Scraper Clockwise Grinder Tooling for Virginia Abrasives®, EDCO® & Lavina® Grinders

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Soft Coating Removal
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Magnetic Trapezoid Carbide Scraper for Virginia Abrasives®, EDCO® & Lavina® Grinders

Product Specifications:

Color: Black

Application: Soft Coating Removal

Aggressiveness: High

Concrete Surface Profile (CSP): N/A

Package Quantity: 3

Direction: Clockwise

Compatible Grinder(s): Virginia Abrasives® FG10 & FG11, EDCO® Magna-Trap®, Lavina® by Superabrasives®

EDCO® Magna-Trap® P/N: 12501LC

Lavina® by Superabrasives® P/N: X-HOLDER-CBL-19

Magnetic Carbide Trapezoid Scraper is used for removal of:

  • Urethane
  • Paint
  • Mastic
  • Rubber Carpet Backing

General Information about Trapezoids:

  • Dots tend to leave a smoother scratch pattern and surface finish than cuboids
  • Virginia Abrasives single head grinders take clockwise direction trapezoids
  • Soft bond tooling should be used for hard concrete, hard bond tooling for soft concrete
  • Leaves smooth surface with no gouges.