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Floor Maintenance Pads

Our floor maintenance pads are made with a unique process creates pad products made from the highest quality post-consumer recycled PET fiber primarily from plastic water bottles and jugs. This, combined with the proprietary resin binders, produces the Best Eco Friendly pad lines in the industry without added cost to you.

• Floor Maintenance Pads are made from a variety of abrasive materials, ranging from synthetic to aluminum oxide to silicon carbide.
• Some of the buffing pads use very fine soft materials to increase the friction on the surface, providing very mild abrasion.
• White pads have no abrasive. They rely on fine fibers on the surface to generate heat to burnish the finish.

RED - Buffing - Restores gloss while removing scuff marks and dirt on medium traffic areas. Can be used dry or spray buffing to produce a sparkling shine. Ideal for automatic scrubbing.
BLUE - Scrubbing/Cleaning - This pad is designed for wet scrubbing or medium-duty spray cleaning. Removes heavy dirt and scuff marks on most floor surfaces. This pad will remove the top layer of floor finish.
BLACK - Stripping - Our most popular shipping pad designed for heavy-duty wet stripping. Very aggressive texture to remove wax, dirt and any finish. Tough, durable and built to perform.
GREEN - Scrubbing - Our toughest duty, most aggressive scrubbing pad for heavily soiled areas. Best when used for wet scrubbing or light stripping. Very durable and long lasting.
TAN - Buffing - The perfect pad for light cleaning and dry buffing. Removes scuffs and black heel marks while producing a high-gloss shine.
BROWN - Stripping - A very strong pad for wet or dry applications. Quickly removes wax, dirt and old finish, leaving surface ready for immediate re-coating.
WHITE - Polishing - This popular extra fine pad is formulated for polishing clean, dry floors. A fine water mist is used to produce a high-gloss wet look. This thick pad is ideal for polishing soft waves on wood floors.
WHITE GOLD - This is an aggressive burnishing pad that combines a heavy blend of natural hair with the proper amount of synthetic fiber. Best suited for medium to hard finishes.