WEBINAR: Grinder Tooling and Floor Grinders

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WEBINAR: Grinder Tooling and Floor Grinders
WEBINAR: Grinder Tooling and Floor Grinders

Grinder Tooling Uses and Applications

Choosing the appropriate grinder tooling for your job is an interesting mix of knowing the current state of the concrete and extrapolating to the desired resulting concrete surface proflle (CSP).

In this webinar, we discuss the tooling composition and correct choices of tooling to reach the concrete surface that is best suited to the type of finish that will then be applied, if any. The desired surface varies based on what will be applied to the concrete after it is refinished. We also cover suggested tooling groupings to offer in your rental store, metal bonds and color coding.

Grinder Tooling is used for removal of:

  • Sealers
  • Thin Film Coatings
  • Light Surface Removal
  • Repair

General Information:

  • Dots tend to leave a smoother scratch pattern and surface finish than cuboids or hexes
  • Soft bond tooling should be used for hard concrete, hard bond tooling for soft concrete
  • Leaves smooth surface with no gouges

To find out more about the available grinder tooling offered at Virginia Abrasives, click here: Virginia Abrasives Grinder Tooling