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Concrete Grinder Attachments

The type of attachments you choose for your concrete grinder depend on a variety of factors.
The recommended tooling type, whether that is a grinding plate or individual grinder tooling.
Are you using a Right Angle Grinder or Floor Grinder?
The direction the grinder plate spins, clockwise, counterclockwise, or as on some grinders, one in each direction
The job that needs to be accomplished - grinding or stripping and scraping
The aggregates that are used in your area - are they hard, medium or soft? Read more about Aggregate Hardness in Concrete

Virginia Abrasives carries a selection of concrete grinder attachments, including:
Grinder Tooling for Concrete Grinding
Grinder Tooling for Coating Removal and Surface Preparation
Grinding Cups (used on Right Angle Grinders)
Grinding Heads
Grinding Blocks