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Maroon and Black Magic™ Conditioning and Prep Pads

A Virginia Abrasives Exclusive, Black Magic™ is the Best Solution for Preparing a Factory-Finished Floor for Recoating.

  • Sharp 180-grit silicone carbide particles lightly abrade the surface of factory pre-finished floors for recoating
  • Use between coats of finish to provide a textured surface to which the new coat of finish can adhere
  • Removes popped or raised grain fibers between finish coats
  • Lightly abrades the surface without removing excess finish
  • Approximate usage is 500 square feet per side

  • Maroon Pads are Used for Between-Coat Preparation of Hardwood Floor Finishes

    Available in both round and rectangular sizes, the Maroon Floor Polishing Pad is a chemical-free stripping pad. It is an alternative to using a black pad and stripper to take alI the finish off the floor prior to recoating the floor with new finish. Used with or without water, the Maroon Floor Polishing Pad will provide you with a "Green" solution for stripping the floor. The Maroon pad is "Green" because you will not be introducing stripping chemicals into the environment.

    Equipment Compatibility

    The Maroon Floor Polishing Pad can be used under an auto scrubber, a conventional rotary machine or under an orbital machine. Simply use your normal stripping machine and replace the conventional stripping pad with the Maroon Floor Polishing Pad. The· Maroon Floor Polishing Pad is 3/8" thick and the round pad should be used with thick Red or White pad to drive it so it will have more flexibility to reach those unlevel areas of floor surface.

    Wet Stripping

    If you are wet stripping, simply wet the area to be strlpped with clear water so the pad is lubricated and the dust is kept under controI. Keep it wet during the entire process. After making several passes with the Maroon Floor Polishing Pad, pick up the solution with a wet/dry vacuum or by using a mop, with a bucket and wringer. After the solution has been picked up, rinse the entire area with a clean mop and clear water. Repeat these steps over other areas that are to be stripped until the entire floor is ready for fresh finish.