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Cut-Off Wheels for Saws and Grinders

Types of Cut-Off Wheels and Abrasive Material

What do you need to know about Bonded Abrasive Wheels? What kinds of safety precautions should you take when using them? What is the difference between Type 1 and Type 27 cut-off wheel?

Virginia Abrasives carries two types of bonded abrasives, also called cut-off wheels:

  • Type 1, which is flat
  • Type 27, which has a depressed center

The type of cut-off wheel you will need depends upon the equipment on which you need to use it. The wheels provide a clean cut when used with a cut off tool. Silicon carbide is the abrasive material used in all cut-off wheels and it is valued as the second strongest naturally occuring substance available. It is bonded onto a stainless steel wheel for durability.

Cut-Off Wheel Surface Types

The type of cut-off wheel you choose is dependent upon the type of surface that needs to be cut. Click one of the links below to take you to the product pages for the surface you'd like to cut:

Click here to learn more about Bonded Cut-Off and Grinding Wheels

You can also learn about our Bonded Cut-Off wheels in the video below.