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Abrasive Products for Rental and Construction Supply

As a world-class supplier of cutting, finishing, surfacing and floor care products for flooring and other professionals, it’s no wonder so many trust us to provide all the tools, equipment, products and accessories they need. From bonded abrasive and diamond tooling products to floor discs and mesh discs, we have everything in one place at a great price.
Customers who want to refinish a floor themselves, without the use of a professional, are looking for ways you can save them thousands of dollars but still achieve a professional look. That's why they've come to you. It is cruicial at this time that you make the right abrasives recommendations to them when they're renting equipment.


Hardwood surfaces require sanding products, also called coated abrasives. If your customer needs to finish a new surface or refinish an older wood or concrete surface to add more years of enjoyable use, this is the place to start. The majority of our hardwood products are made here in the United States at our manufacturing facility in Petersburg, VA.
Our abrasive products line includes:
• Sanding Belts, Discs, Sheets and Rolls
• Mesh Screens
• Floor Refinishing Pads


Concrete surfaces, on the other hand, require different abrasive products that often grind the surface. We are proud to offer:
• Cut-off Wheels
• Industrial Abrasives, including diamond blades, grinder tooling and attachments, scarifier tooling, trowel blades and scrapers.
• Grinder Tooling
• Scarifier Tooling
• Power Trowl Blades
• Industrial Abrasives

We also proudly carry several pieces of flooring equipment, including:
• Core Drills
• Floor Grinders
• Primatech® Flooring Nailers
• Walk-Behind Floor Saws
• Tile Saws

So, whether you are a construction supply or rental company, contact us to see how we can deliver on all your customers flooring and other supply needs.