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Sanding Rolls | Rental Supply


Virginia Abrasives sandpaper rolls for rental and construction supply are created in two varieties:

  • Shop rolls and wright roll packs
  • Sanding Rolls for floor refinishing and hardwood floors
  • Mesh Screen wright packs

Cloth Shop Rolls and Cloth-Backed Sandpaper Wright Roll Variety Packs

Aluminum Oxide Cloth-Backed Abrasive Shop rolls and Wright Roll Packs use alumininum oxide general purpose abrasives on continuous, long, narrow rolls. Each roll is spooled and packaged in a convenient dispenser box for use in your shop. These durable J-wt. cloth-backed abrasive rolls conform well to cylindrical or contoured parts. Tear to useable length to accommodate various tasks and reduce waste.

The cloth backing makes these sheets durable and flexible for hand sanding applications, yet easy-tear or cut to quickly be made to the desired length needed each time and are perfect for larger jobs or high-volume shops that need an economical abrasive that is customizable to each job. Each of our rolls is coated in high quality aluminum oxide abrasive grains. Aluminum oxide is a versatile abrasive grain that can be used for a wide range of surfaces, including most ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood, plastic, drywall, and fiberglass.

Friability - This particular abrasive is friable, meaning that rather than dulling after more use, the grains will micro-fracture to create new abrasive surfaces. As the product is used the micro fracturing creates new sharp edges, leading to longer life for the abrasive. Available as single rolls in a wide variety of widths and grits or as a 1" x 25 yards, 1-1/2" x 25 yards, or 2" x 25 yards wright pack with three different grits.

Floor Sanding Rolls

Sometimes, with rental equipment, a floor sander needs a special size paper that is no longer widely available on the market. Sometimes, you want to cut your own discs or other sizes. This is where it becomes convenient to purchase sandpaper in a large, or jumbo, roll. Use on hardwood floors for floor refinishing. These are also convenient for construction supply houses to be able to provide sandpaper in the size your customer needs.

Silicon Carbide Mesh Screen Wright Roll Variety Packs

Screening between coats on a wood surface results in a smooth, glass-like finish. Mesh Screen Wright Roll packs provide a variety of grits in a convenient three-pack, in 1" x 25 yards, 1-1/2" x 25 yards or 2" x 25 yard sizes. Use these rolls in hard-to-reach spots or keep them in the shop for convenient tear-off sizes.