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Concrete Core Drills, Bits and Accessories

Concrete core drilling is a technique used to bore holes or openings in concrete walls, floors, ceilings, and pavement. It involves using a core drill, which is a specially designed drilling machine equipped with a diamond-tipped core bit. The diamond-tipped core bit is made up of industrial-grade diamond segments that can effectively cut through tough materials like concrete.   This process is commonly used in various industries such as construction, renovation, infrastructure development, and maintenance. It is favored for its precision and efficiency in creating holes of different diameters and depths in concrete and other masonry materials. The extracted core samples can also provide valuable information about the quality and characteristics of the concrete, which can be important for structural assessments or material testing or simply to create an opening for various such as plumbing, electrical conduit and wiring, HVAC systems, etc. 

Our Virginia Abrasives core drills, diamond core drill bits, core drill stand, and variable speed core drill are the tools you need to accurately bore through concrete to depths up to 14-inches plus the option of using a 6-inch extension.  You can do handheld coring or leverage the drilling stand if a more stable and accurate platform is required.  Follow the product links below to learn more.

Variable Speed Core Drill w/Case

p/n: 433-22000


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