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Diamond Blades For All Applications


Navigating this page to find the right diamond saw blades starts with knowing these items:

  • FIRST: What kind of material is being cut – cured concrete, green concrete, asphalt or asphalt over concrete, masonry, brick, block, or stone
  • SECOND: What level of diamond concentration do you want? Basic Diamond Concentration, Best Price - BD, Better Diamond Concentration, Great Price - Ultra Value, Best Diamond Concentration, reat ROI - Premium or Professional Quality - Supreme
  • THIRD: What kind of saw is being used – right angle grinder, table saw, chop saw, high speed cut-off saw, or walk-behind (high or low horsepower)
  • FOURTH: Will the cutting be done wet or dry
  • What level of performance (cutting speed and cut quality) do I need – higher diamond concentration on the segments may cost more, but offer greater cutting performance, life and overall value, increasing ROI


The bond on a diamond blade is also important to choosing the right blade. Depending upon the aggregates in your area, you might need a hard bond, soft bond or medium bond blade. Read more about diamond blade bonds in our blog post: Diamond Blade Bonds and Why They Matter

Virginia Abrasives’ Diamond Blades are categorized in four levels:

  • GOOD: Called BD, which stands for BASIC DIAMOND, these offer good diamond quality with basic diamond concentration. These blades have good performance and good product life.
  • BETTER: Our UV, or ULTRA VALUE blade, offers a better diamond quality with moderate diamond concentration. These have a better performance with better product life.
  • BEST: The PREMIUM blade offers the best diamond quality with higher diamond concentration. This blade has great performance and speed with the best product life.
  • PROFESSIONAL: Virginia Abrasives SUPREME blades are specifically engineered for long life in a professional use setting.

See our Diamond Blades in action in this video: