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Drywall Abrasives

Specializing in drywall abrasives, Johnson Abrasives, Virginia Abrasives' sister company, now offers an extensive line of Drywall Abrasives to the rental market, including brand names such as LIGHTNING™, SMOOTH-KUT™, WET-KUT™, TUFR-KUT™ and SCREEN-KUT™ abrasive products. 

  • Sanding Rolls are 50 yards long and come in three varieties:

    SMOOTH-KUT™ Drywall Sanding Rolls
    Silicon carbide abrasives on heavy D-Wt. paper backing. They are available in the popular 4" width and six different grits, ranging from 80 to 220.

    WET-KUT™ Cloth Drywall Sanding Rolls
    Featuring zirconia alumina abrasives on rugged J-wt. cloth backing. Available in either 3-5/16" or 4" widths and seven waterproof grits ranging from 80 to 240.

    TUFR-KUT™ Paper Drywall Sanding Rolls
    Boasts a heat-treated aluminum oxide grain on heavy duty E-Wt. paper backing, providing maximum durability and performance life. This 3-5/16" width 50 yard paper roll is available in four grits ranging from 80-150.

    Virginia Abrasives offers the following items as well for the rental industry: 

      • Replacement sanding discs for dustless sanders used for removing and smoothing drywall joint compound, spackle, and plaster with grits from 80 to 220.
      • Durable single and dual angle sanding sponges ideal for smoothing corners or for use on contoured surfaces due to their flexible foam construction.