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Grinding Heads

Concrete grinding heads are used in the preparation and finishing of concrete surfaces/floors. The heads are attached to concrete grinders, like the Virginia Abrasives FG-10 floor grinder. Concrete grinding heads will wear out over time due to the abrasive nature of their work and can be replaced with one of two types of heads, multi segment or more agressive PCD Polycrystalline Diamond.


Contractors use concrete grinding heads for preparing surfaces for coatings, leveling uneven concrete, and achieving a smooth, polished finish. Grinding heads are designed to remove imperfections, rough spots, and coatings from concrete surfaces such as epoxy, paint, urethane and other concrete coatings.

Types & Uses

Some grinding heads feature diamond grits with varying levels of coarseness. 10 or 20 Segment Heads are suitable for tasks like concrete, epoxy, mastics, thin set, waterproofing coatings removal, and floor leveling/smoothing. Polycrystalline Diamond Heads (PCD) offer a more aggressive grit for the removal of paint, epoxy, urethane coatings, and adhesives.

Benefits of Grinding Heads

Concrete grinding heads are an excellent option for surface preparation for floor finishing in concrete construction and renovation projects. They come in 10 and 20 segment grinding heads in addition to PCD (Plycrystalline Diamond) and are compatible with select concrete floor grinders to remove prior finishes and coatings to prepare the floor for new finishes.

See the product pages for compatible equipment.

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