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In addition to our world-class abrasives products, Virginia Abrasives carries powerful equipment to help get your construction project done.  In addition to carrying Primatech® nailers and fasteners for hardwood flooring, we carry our own line-up of equpiment!

  • Our walk-behind saws and core drills are gas-powered workhorses commonly used on concrete floors, road constructions sites, and other concrete projects.  They come in versions that will support up to 14" saw blades and 18" saw blades.
  • Our floor grinders come in 10" and 11" versions, both of which are electric powered and use grinder tooling compatible with Lavina® and EDCO® concrete floor grinders.  These are the perfect solution to concrete floor finishing and preparation.
  • Our concrete core drills come in a 3-speed and variable speed models and are the ideal tool for boring through concrete walls, floors and pavement for drainage, plumbing, HVAC, electrical work and more.

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