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Premium Pro Silicon Carbide Sanding Abrasives

Premium Pro sanding abrasives for professionals are our best Silicon Carbide products, specifically designed for longer wear and better sanding abilities.
Silicon carbide is a hard and sharp abrasive, making it an ideal choice for cutting hard materials like metal, stone, paint, and wood finishes. For example, you can use it to sand ceramic finishes off of wood floors.) It also does a great job on glass, plastic, and rubber, making it a popular solution in the automotive industry. When the belt is in use, the grains microfracture - meaning that they break down into smaller pieces that let the belt retain its cutting qualities even after continuous use. This quality makes it less suited for soft wood materials, as it won’t fragment effectively and renew its sharp edges. Silicon carbide belts have a closed coat, meaning that they have optimal grain coverage. Closed-coat abrasives are ideal for finishing applications like lacquers and sealers to deliver a high-quality finish.