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Grinder Tooling for Concrete Grinding

Metal bond diamond grinder tooling offered by Virginia Abrasives provides fast and aggressive cutting and long tool life. We offer tooling in the trapezoidal shape compatible with Virginia Abrasives® FG10 and FG11, EDCO Magna-Trap® and Lavina® by Superabrasive® Floor Grinders, as well as the rectangular shape tooling compatible with Husqvarna® Redi Lock®.

Our grinder tooling uses industrial diamonds and comes in different metal bonds designed specifically for the different types of concrete aggregate hardness in your area. Use soft bond tooling for hard concrete aggregates and hard bond tooling for soft concrete aggregates. To determine the hardness of the concrete that will be ground, use the Mohs Hardness Test.

Grinder Tooling for Concrete Grinding is used for:
• Removal of Sealers
• Removal Thin Film Coatings
• Light Surface Leveling or Repair

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