True Blue® Made-In-America Diamond Blade

Our Made-In-America blade line is growing and we've just added a new Hard Bond blade to this product offering.

Our original Medium Bond blade works best in areas with medium to medium-hard aggregates such as Gravel, Medium Traprock, Decomposed Granite, Medium Hard River Rock, Granite, Traprock, Quartzite, Slate and Basalt

Our new Hard Bond blade works well in the soft to medium-soft aggregates such as Sandstone, Soft Limestone, Soft Shell, Siliceous, Dolomite and Pit Gravel found in areas in the middle of the country, south into Alabama and part of Florida.

General Diamond Blade Information

In order to determine the best diamond blade for the job, make sure to answer these important questions:

• What kind of saw is being used – high speed or walk-behind (high or low horsepower)

• Will the cutting be done wet or dry

• What kind of material is being cut – cured concrete, green concrete, asphalt or asphalt over concrete

• What level of performance do I need – higher quality diamonds may cost more, but offer greater cutting performance, life and overall value

Virginia Abrasives’ Diamond Blades are categorized in three levels:

GOOD: Called BD, which stands for BASIC DIAMOND, these offer good diamond quality with basic diamond concentration. These blades have good performance and good product life.

BETTER: Our UV, or ULTRA VALUE blade, offers a better diamond quality with moderate diamond concentration. These have a better performance with better product life.

BEST: The PREMIUM blade offers the best diamond quality with higher diamond concentration. This blade has great performance and speed with the best product life.

Option Abrasive Material Activity / Use Arbor Size Equipment Compatibility Features Max RPM Segment Height Size Surface Type Unit Purchase
14" True Blue General Purpose Concrete Made in USA Concrete Blade
Industrial Diamonds Wet/Dry Cutting 1"/20mm with Drive Pinhole Cut-Off Saws, Walk-Behind Saws Drive Pinhole 5500 12mm 14" x .125" x 1"/20mm DP Medium Aggregate Concrete
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14" True Blue® Hard Bond General Purpose Diamond Blade
Industrial Diamonds Wet/Dry Cutting 1"/20mm Cut-Off Saws, Walk-Behind Saws Drive Pinhole, Made in America, Hard Bond for Soft Aggregate 5500 12mm 14" x .125" x 1"/20mm Soft Aggregate Concrete
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