Redoing mortar between bricks?  A hammer and chisel can take forever to clean out mortar joints.  We have tuck point blades ideally suited to rapid removal of weak, damaged, crumbling or old mortar between bricks or wherever straight mortar joints are used.  These are are used for the following processes

  • Repointing:  Removing old mortar between bricks and replacing it with new mortar.
  • Tuckpointing:  Similar to repointing, this is also replacing old mortar between bricks but with the additional step of adding putty in a contrasting color in the centers of the new joints to sharpen the lines aesthetically.
  • Mortar Raking:  Removing mortar between bricks or masonry.  Typically done with a gritted bit or specially designed blade.

Check out our blades below!

Tuck Point Blades Wet/Dry - Ultra Value

4" x .250" x 7/8" - 5/8

For wet cuttingFor dry cuttingLaser weldAngle GrindersCrack chasers4 Diamonds
Option Size Abrasive Material Segment Height Activity / Use Blade Category Type Equipment Compatibility Surface Type Max RPM Unit Purchase
4" x .250" x 7/8"-5/8" Wet/Dry Tuck Pointing Diamond Blade
4" x .250" x 7/8"-5/8" Industrial Diamonds 10mm Wet/Dry Mortar Raking UV4TPM Angle Grinders, Crack Saw Mortar 15300
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4-1/2" x .250" x 7/8"-5/8" Ultra Value Wet/Dry Mortar Raking Diamond Blade
4-1/2" x .250" x 7/8"-5/8" Industrial Diamonds Mortar Raking UV4TPM Right Angle Grinder Concrete, Masonry, Mortar 13300
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