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Diamond Blades For All Applications

In order to determine the best diamond blade for the job, make sure to answer these important questions:

• What kind of saw is being used – high speed or walk-behind (high or low horsepower)

• Will the cutting be done wet or dry

• What kind of material is being cut – cured concrete, green concrete, asphalt or asphalt over concrete

• What level of performance do I need – higher quality diamonds may cost more, but offer greater cutting performance, life and overall value

Virginia Abrasives’ Diamond Blades are categorized in three levels:

GOOD: Called BD, which stands for BASIC DIAMOND, these offer good diamond quality with basic diamond concentration. These blades have good performance and good product life.

BETTER: Our UV, or ULTRA VALUE blade, offers a better diamond quality with moderate diamond concentration. These have a better performance with better product life.

BEST: The PREMIUM blade offers the best diamond quality with higher diamond concentration. This blade has great performance and speed with the best product life.