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Floor Coverings Removal Blades

Virginia Abrasives Floor Coverings Removal Blades are made of High Carbon Tempered Steel and will stay sharper longer than average, providing the performance you need to get the job done in less time. 

Flex Blade is specifically designed to fit on the EDCO® Tile Shark. This is used when there is need for greater flexibility to conform to the surface of the floor being scraped. 

Standard Tile Blades are used to remove Tile, VCT, VAT Rubber, Epoxy, Glued Ceramic, Elastomeric Coatings, and to scrape Thin-Set. This is the most common and widely-used blade in the industry. 

Standard Carpet Dicing Blades will help remove Carpet, Carpet Tiles, Linoleum, Soft Cork, and Glue Adhesives. The blade is designed to dice or cut the carpet or linoleum as the machine propels forward.

Heavy Duty Carpet Dicing and Tile Blades are thicker and more rigid, with more durability. These blades will hold up longer when removing tough materials.  Our blades for walk-behind blades are compatible with the most popular brands including:  Blastrac®/Husqvarna® BS75, National Flooring Company® 550 Panther, and Taylor®/Sinclair® HF1000 Bronco.

Nothched Blades are designed to secure the blade into the floor scraper and provide more rigidity when in use. These blades perform well when removing materials such as VCT, Linoleum, Glue and othe rsoft materials.