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Magnetic Plates for Grinder Tooling and Scrapers

Virginia Abrasives is proud to announce that you now have two choices for grinder magnetic plate attachments that both allow you to easily switch between PCDs, Scrapers and diamond Grinder Tooling grits for an effortless and stunning finish with a CSP of 1-3.

Our newest option, the 10" Universal Magnetic Multi-Tool Plate, allows you to choose between grinder tooling or carbide scrapers.

Our grinder tooling for Virginia Abrasives®, Lavina® and EDCO® grinders slides easily onto these plates, remains in place during use and slides out again when you are finished. Enjoy superior ease of use and durability with these magnetic plates. See these pages for links to grinder tooling that fits these plates. Tooling sold separately. 

To view our selection of tooling compatible with this plate, see:

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