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QuickSand® Sanding Sheets

QuickSand® - A Virginia Abrasives Exclusive!

QuickSand® is a Virginia Abrasives exclusive floor sanding product that is designed to not accumulate dust that interferes with adhesion like a PSA disc. The lightly abraded print side, which uses garnet abrasives, clings to the sanding pad quickly and stays put, and this will not allow sawdust to accumulate or affect the adhesion of the sandpaper on the pad. If you want quick-change ease of use, choose QuickSand®!
The sanding side features affordable Aluminum Oxide abrasives bonded to a paper sheet. The electromagnetic charge allows the sharpest point of the abrasive to point toward the object you're sanding. 
These 13" x 19" sanding sheets are designed to fit the Square Scrub® sanding machine. 

QuickSand Abrasive Sheets should be used with a white or tan buffer pad, on a low-speed buffer. Place the print side of the sheet against the buffer and you're ready to go!