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PPE Safety and Protective Gear

Always prioritize safety on the job, and use the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as needed to reduce the risk of accidents and protect yourself while working on flooring installations Flooring contractors and workers face a number of safety challenges when installing or refinishing concrete or hardwood flooring. From loud equipment and flying debris to abuse to hands and knees, everyone on a job site should leverage PPE/Safety Gear.

Not using PPE results in more injuries, fewer employees, and skyrocketing insurance costs, not to mention liability issues. The cost of basic PPE greatly outweighs the costs of not having it. Virginia Abrasives offers a wide range of PPE and Safety gear made in the United States specifically designed for the flooring industry.  We recommend the following:

  • Hearing Protection:  Use NIOSH-approved hearing protection, especially when operating loud machinery or tools to protect your hearing after work and over the long haul.
  • Eye Protection:  Your vision is critical to your livelihood and your quality of life as a whole. In any job leveraging abrasives and/or construction equipment - injury is a real risk with exposure to flying debris and dust from saws, grinders and polishing equipment. Use eye protection like our safety glasses to minimize that risk.
  • Work Gloves:  Gloves are essential, especially when dealing with paints, epoxies, or other chemicals used in flooring work. For these applications, our cotton gloves are a versatile and protective option.
  • Knee Protection:  Flooring installation involves a lot of times kneeling in your work. Investing in proper knee protection such as knee pads to prevent strain or injury when kneeling during flooring installations helps mitigate short term pain and long term complications.
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Hearing Protection

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BOX, Safety, Corded Ear Plug

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Knee Protection

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Safety, Knee Pad

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