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Concrete Floor Grinders

With two models, the lightweight FG10 concrete floor grinder, and the heavyweight FG11 concrete floor grinder, Virginia Abrasives offers the concrete grinder you need for your customer, whether a DIY or Professional.  These grinding machines are just the equipment needed for concrete surface preparation - both grinding and polishing.

Both floor grinding machines feature:
• Foldable handles to minimize the profile needed for transport.
• Superior concrete grinding to achieve concrete surface profiles (CSPs) of 1-3.
• Use of the trapezoid-shaped concrete grinder tooling carried by Virginia Abrasives.

For grinder tooling compatible with Virginia Abrasives FG10 and FG11 Concrete Floor Grinders*, Click Here
*This tooling is also compatible with Lavina® and EDCO® concrete floor grinders.

10" Electric Concrete Floor Grinder

p/n: 433-50000

Concrete Floor Grinder - 10 Inch

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In stock and ready to ship! Register to see Discount