Extend your reach!
The EDGE is designed to blind nail as close as 2” to the end wall at 45° with the same holding power as the field. Used only with the EDGE nails, this system is designed for most solids boards and also engineered boards with a hard core.

The constant pressure and tension throughout the work process provides a more uniform and professional installation. It is also the perfect tool for hallways, closets, railings, cabinets and all other vertical obstructions on your jobsite.


theEDGE 900A embodies the PRIMPACT striking module offering reliability, extended performance and unequalled smoothness of operation.

Another exclusive feature is the 900A’s ,fully adjustable base which enables it to deal with an infinite variety of solid / engineered flooring from  ½” to 3/4″ (13 to 19mm).

The articulated handle allows multiple adjustments to maximise user comfort in standing or kneeling position.

Primatech 900A Pneumatic Floor Nailer and Nails

***Hardwood flooring is above all, a results-oriented operation. A situation where both the installer and the client have the most in common: the quality of the installation and a beautiful floor.*** **900A the EDGE NAILER** The Primatech 900A Edge nailer is a true game changer and embodies the most advanced technical developments in flooring installation. The 900A features vertical blind nailing, a breakthrough for the industry. Developed with the end wall reach in mind, “the EDGE“ nailer will save you up to 50% of the finishing process on every job. Spend less time on your knees, create a neater job-site, cut back on installation time and minimize future call backs.

Option Size Activity / Use Application Equipment Compatibility Surface Type Unit Purchase
Nailer,Flr Pneu 900A L 18g Adj 1 Ea
Primatech 900A "L" 18 Gauge Adjustable Base Pneumatic Floor Nailer
Hardwood Floor Nailing Hardwood
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Nails, 1.75" 18g L EDGE   6/500 C176         Packaged 6/500 Pk
1.75" 18-Gauge C176 L Nails - 500 per Pack
1.75" 18-Gauge Hardwood Floor Nailing Fasteners Primatech® 18 Ga. L Nailer Hardwood, Wood
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