Primatech Pneumatic Floor Staplers

Hardwood flooring is above all, a results-oriented operation. A situation where both the installer and the client have the most in common: the quality of the installation and a beautiful floor.


The choice of fastening method for hardwood floors is important to give solid wood floors long term serviceability and the freedom to repeatedly obey the natural cycles of expansion and contraction, while maintaining the fastener’s long term stability into the sub-floor and aesthetic features. The nail-down method is recognized by the world’s flooring professionals as the most convenient, given the nature of real wood. It is also suitable to fasten engineered flooring products as well as some bamboo flooring. It meets Architects and Interior Designers expectations.

Primatech is a specialized manufacturer of quality Fasteners for Hardwood flooring. Primatech is the manufacturer with the most innovative Research & Development program. The Brand offers tools and fasteners in all industry sizes, manual and pneumatic.

Primatech flooring tools and fasteners will enable any installer, Professional or DIY, to consistently produce quality jobs, with precision and regularity.

Primatech 180AS

The pneumatic flooring stapler 180AS is a professional precision tool specially developed for the installation of most of 3/8″ to 5/8″ solid and engineered hardwood flooring.

Weighting only 3 lbs (1.4 kg), this specially designed tool makes the installation of thin or laminate flooring very easy.

The 180AS stapler takes standard ¼” crown, 18ga staples in lengths of 1/2″ (13 mm) to 1-9/16″ (40mm)


  • Pneumatic Adjustable
  • Base 1/4" to 5/8’’
  • Bottom loading
  • 18 gauge staples ½ to 1 9/16’’

Primatech 250A's

The Primatech 250A’s pneumatic fastening tools embody the most advanced technical developments in flooring installation. The 250 features the PRIMPACT module, a breakthrough for the industry.

Packed full of innovative features, the reinforced high-strength aluminum head casing offers reliability, extended performance and unequalled smoothness of operation. Close-tolerance parts assembly and a new cylinder design (for reduced wear and quick interchangeability between same generation units) are indeed a great added value for the discriminating user.


  • High speed action and minimal moving parts result in a powerful yet soft stroke, a shorter air-saving cycle and increased precision.
  • Striking system that regulates the depth of penetration independently from the mallet impact.
  • Finely threaded screw-in cartridge assembly for precision, easy dismantling and durability.
  • Primpact striking module
  • Ergonomically designed for efficient handling.
  • Heavy duty cast aluminum body. Safety mechanism embedded in baseplate.
  • Highest grade steel piston and driving blade will last longer under repeated impacts.
  • Low center of gravity and perfect balance provide stability.
  • On-site maintenance. An allen wrench is supplied for essential adjustments
  • Comfort grip.
  • Wood friendly composite shoe.
  • Extruded aluminum nail channel.
Option Activity / Use Features Surface Type Model Number Unit Purchase
Stapler,FlrPneu 245FS 15.5g 1 Ea
15.5 Gauge Adjustable Pneumatic Floor Stapler - 245FS
Hardwood Floor Stapling Hardwood 245FS
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Stapler, FlrPneumatic 18.0g 1 Ea
Primatech 18 Gauge Pneumatic Floor Stapler - SP180
Hardwood Floor Stapling Adjustable Base 1/4" to 5/8", Pneumatic, Bottom Loading, 18 Gauge Staples 1/2" to 1-9/16" Hardwood SP180
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Primatech Stapler, Pneumatic 15.5 Gauge Model 260
Hardwood Floor Stapling 15.5 Gauge, Pneumatic, Comes with 2.5 lb. Mallet Hardwood
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Stapler,FlrPneu 250F 15.5g Fix 1 Ea
Primatech EXPERT 250F 16GA “L” Pneumatic Fixed Base Nailer
Hardwood Floor Stapling Easy on-site maintenance with included Allen Wrench, Weight: 11.1 lbs (5.0kg), Height: 17-3/4" (451mm), Length: 15" (327mm), 3" (76mm) Rotating Extension Handle, Width: 5.2", PrimSurfer Shoe Add-On Kit, Composite Base for 1/2"-9/16" Flooring Hardwood 250FL
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Stapler,FlrPneu 250A 15.5g Adj 1 Ea
Primatech Pneumatic Floor Stapler 250A 15.5 Gauge Adjustable Base
Hardwood Floor Stapling Short nose, Compact valve design, No shims required, Built-in adjuster, Telegraphy (Dimple Effect) Control, Only tool to offer standard 138 staples (3 strips of 46) channel magazine Hardwood 250A
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Primatech Pneumatic Floor Stapler 250AR 15.5 Gauge Adjustable with Roller               1 Ea
Primatech Pneumatic Stapler 15.5 Gauge with Adjustable Roller Base - 250ASR
Hardwood Floor Stapling Short nose, Compact valve design, No shims required, Primsurfer Roller Base, Telegraphy (Dimple Effect) Control Hardwood 250ASR
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