Primatech DIY/RENTAL Floor Nailers

Hardwood flooring is above all, a results-oriented operation. A situation where both the installer and the client have the most in common: the quality of the installation and a beautiful floor.


The choice of fastening method for hardwood floors is important to give solid wood floors long term serviceability and the freedom to repeatedly obey the natural cycles of expansion and contraction, while maintaining the fastener’s long term stability into the sub-floor and aesthetic features. The nail-down method is recognized by the world’s flooring professionals as the most convenient, given the nature of real wood. It is also suitable to fasten engineered flooring products as well as some bamboo flooring. It meets Architects and Interior Designers expectations.

Primatech is a specialized manufacturer of quality Fasteners for Hardwood flooring. Primatech is the manufacturer with the most innovative Research & Development program. The Brand offers tools and fasteners in all industry sizes, manual and pneumatic.

Primatech flooring tools and fasteners will enable any installer, Professional or DIY, to consistently produce quality jobs, with precision and regularity.


Primatech Pro145FC pneumatic fixed base Combo 2 in 1 nailer stapler installs all types of ½” to 3/4” (13 to 19mm) hardwood flooring.

Its heavy duty cast aluminum body and comfort grip combine ruggedness and easy handling. It is powerful yet smooth to handle, with no recoil effect. Its low center of gravity and perfect balance provide stability. The tool is fitted with a high speed discharge valve activated from any angle and a striking system that regulates the depth of penetration independently from the mallet impact. A light mallet impact will set nail perfectly. A new exclusive piston/driver assembly with fewer o rings, eases dismantling and servicing of the tool. The combo drawer type magazine is sturdy and easy to load. It can use either 16ga L type nails or 15/15.5ga, ½” crown staples. It operates at a pressure of 80 psi (5,5 bar).


This improved version of Primatech's popular hardwood flooring nailer model H330 has been specially developed to address the need of the professional as well as the DIY or novice floor installer. Its ratcheted design allows the user to strike the nailer as many times as necessary to countersink the cleat. Hold the nailer in position until the plunger returns to its up position; then move it to the next location. It's that easy!

The PRIMATECH H330 comes standard to accommodate 11⁄2" (38 mm), 13⁄4" (44 mm) or 2" (50 mm) L-type cleats or may be ordered or converted later to accommodate 2" T-type cleats. A unique design of the L guide and feed assembly provides strong support to the cleat during operation, both front and back, allowing multiple strokes without bending.


The Primatech Q510 nailer has been designed specifically for the installation of solid hardwood flooring. It uses 1¼" or 1½" L-type 18 gauge cleats. The Q510 nailer is designed to sit on the subfloor. Its plastic base can act as a tapping block to place the boards in position if necessary. The 2½ lb rubber-capped mallet supplied is used to push the boards and drive the cleat.

Option Activity / Use Features Surface Type Model Number Unit Purchase
Nailer, 145 L/S Combo 16g Fix w/o Safety                1 Ea
Primatech 145 Nailer, 16-gauge L-Cleat/Staple Combo with Fixed Base
Hardwood Floor Nailing Cast Iron 2.8 lb 16" Mallet, Adapter pad for 1/2" to 5/8" Flooring, Allen Wrench, Cast Aluminum Body, Exclusive Piston/Driver Assembly with Fewer O Rings Hardwood 145FC
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Nailer,Flr Man  H330 L 16g 1 Ea
Primatech Manual Floor Nailer, 16 Gauge L - Model H330L
Hardwood Floor Nailing For all types of hardwood flooring, Multi-Strike Manual Nailer, Fixed Base, Quick Loading Nail Channel, 16-Gauge L Nails, Supplied with 3.7 lb. mallet Hardwood H330FL
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Nailer,Flr Man  H330 T 16g 1 Ea
Primatech Manual Floor Nailer 16 Gauge T - Model H330T
Hardwood Floor Nailing For all types of hardwood flooring, Manual, Multi-Strike Nailer, Fixed Base, Quick Loading Nail Channel, 16 Gauge T Nails 1-1/2" - 2", Supplied with 3.7 lbs Mallet Hardwood H330T
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Nailer,Flr Man  Q510 L 18g Adj 1 Ea
Primatech Q510 "L" 18 Gauge Adjustable Base Manual Floor Nailer
Hardwood Floor Nailing Adjustable Base, For solid hardwood and engineered flooring, Fixed Base, Manual Single-Strike Nailer, Adapter Plates and Fine-Tuning Shims, 18 Gauge L Nails 1-1/4"-1-1/2", Low Maintenance, Supplied with 2.5 lb Mallet Solid Hardwood, Engineered Hardwood Q510L
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