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Grinder Tools for Concrete Floor Grinders

Choosing the appropriate grinder tooling for your job depends on what you need to accomplish.

Grinders and grinder tooling are used to prepare a concrete floor before applying an adhesive surface. Depending on the surface coating manufacturer, you will need to achieve a Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) of 1-3. If the current CSP is 4-10, start with a scarifier before you move to a grinder for the smoothest surface. Much like sanding a floor, to get the best resulting surface, you need to reduce the current CSP gradually.

If your starting CSP is 4-10, however, the starting tool would be a scarifier. To learn more about scarifiers and what they accomplish, you can read or watch this video by CLICK HERE.

Choose Grinder Tooling for Concrete Grinding, for the preparation of the concrete or to remove materials on your concrete, including:
• Concrete grinding
• Light surface repair
• Concrete leveling
• Removal of thin film coatings

Choose Grinder Tooling for Removal and Floor Prep for removal of materials including:

• Carpet
• Carpet Backing
• Epoxy
• Waterproof membranes
• Mastic® and other soft materials
Carbide Inserts

Tapered Carbide Square Inserts fit EDCO Strip-Sert ONLY